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Village of Prescott
Regular Meeting
October 11, 2004 7:00 p.m.
(x for absent)
Butler, Ray
Fegan, Robert
Hojnacki, Shirley
Janowski, Mark
Melrose, Bob
Podleski, Bob
Smith, Helga
Meeting was called to order with a pled
ge to the flag. Roll call was taken.
Special Requests:
Rose Walsh – County Commissioner
School Board member to set on Planning Committee
Food Bank Warehouse – need a place for storage
Vote November 2
Peoples Forum:
Robert Fegan, Helga Smith and Peggy Mashke
approached the board about the
open positions on the board. After a short
discussion Peggy Mashke decided to let the
other two people hold the trustee positions at this time. Robert Fegan and Helga Smith
were sworn in as new trustees to the village board.
Street Administrator’s Report
Box in truck needs repaired – due to salt damage
Roads (Ryan and Melcher) need graded
Treasurer Report:
Discussion was held on current bills, Janows
ki made motion to pay the current bills
with the exception of the bill from Boss Engr. & Swanson’s, that will be tabled until a
later meeting, 2
Butler. Carried.
Minutes from September 14, 2004 meeting were approved and filed.
Old Business:
DEQ waiting on flood plan from Boss Engr.
Discussion was held on putting water in
at the garage – tabled until spring.
Discussion again was held on Podleski do
ing work for the village. Janowski made
motion, 2
Melrose that the board needs to have a list of jobs that need to be
done in the village, go over it at the monthly meeting then give it to the village
worker (Charlie Hojnacki). Carried.
The buildings on Washington (old pool hall & elevator) were discussed. The
board has been made aware (from Darris Richards & Al DeRocher) that the pool
hall is in probate and the company that
holds the title on the elevator is in
bankruptcy. The board will keep contacting the county on status of this matter.
New Business:
Podleski is on the committee for T21 money (road money). He advised the board
they need to get together a 5-year plan.
Melrose made a motion, 2
Butler to purchase a Blight Ticket book at a cost of
$120.00. Motion was carried, there were 2 board members opposed (Hojnacki &